10 Year-Old Told By Doctors She Had 48 Hours To Live Has Miracle Recovery

Cancer is never an easy thing to face. Along with the person suffering from cancer, it also affects family and friends dramatically. Whether the cancer is fatal or not, it is always devastating to watch a loved one suffer. One form of cancer that many suffer from is Leukemia.

Leukemia is cancer of the body’s blood-forming tissues, including the bone marrow and the lymphatic system. Usually, Leukemia effects the white blood cells. Our white blood cells are supposed to protect us and our immune systems. With Leukemia, the patient’s bone marrow produces an irregular amount of White blood cells, and messes with the way his/her body runs.

There are many different forms of Leukemia. Some are much more serious than others, but all forms are extremely devastating. While we are seeing more and more treatments for cancer, it still affects the lives of far too many people. We can only hope to find an honest cure in the near future.

Many people get very lucky and find their way to remission. When someone beats cancer, it is one of the most beautiful things that can happen.

It is extremely common for people to believe certain scenarios could be considered miracles. There have been many stories where people have been given a certain amount of time to live, hanging on by a string, and then on the brink of death, they miraculously recover. In certain situations, things just seem too wonderfully odd to not be a spiritual gift. Some things happen with no reasoning or explanation and it just leaves everyone in absolute awe.

The most recent miracle story involves an adorable 10 year old, Abby Furco. Her story is traveling all around the world as no one could believe the way her journey ended up. In fact, even her doctors had no explanation for what happened. Just when everyone thought they knew what her future held, they were shocked with a miraculous surprise.

Image Source: shutterstock.com