15-Year-Old ‘Guardian Angel’ Helps Blind and Deaf Man

The world is full of strife and hardship. Virtually every day, the news shows horrible things happening all over the globe. At times, the constant reminder of negativity can cause individuals to be overwhelmed.

At the same time, life moves incredibly fast. Experiences flash before our eyes. Daily tasks make days appear long. Frustration could build — which then causes people to be in bad moods. For those dealing with personal issues, the frustration could increase even further.

When facing hardship, we often look for help. Versions of ‘guardian angels’ can pop up in a number of ways. Sometimes, these helpful people are family members. In other cases, they are friends. There are even instances in which complete strangers lend a helping hand. These examples of ‘goodness’ help to remind people that the world isn’t a completely horrible place.

We must remember it is important to treat everyone with respect. All people deal with their own personal issues. On any given day, the mere offering of help — or even a smile — could turn one’s attitude from sadness into utter happiness.

A man named Tim Cook deals with severe physical issues. Not only is Mr. Cook deaf, but he’s also blind. This sort of existence certainly poses challenges to everyday life. It can’t be easy for anyone to function properly without some sort of help.

When taking a cross-country flight from Massachusetts to Oregon, Cook ran into some severe problems. The flight crew had issues communicating with Cook. Fellow members of the plane then attempted to aid Cook with seat placement, refreshments, and anything he needed. Still, no one was able to fully help him.

At that point, a guardian angel appeared in the form of a 15-year-old girl named Clara Daly. Now, this story has been making headlines as it did not turn out the way anyone expected.

Image Source: Diane Scott/The New York Times