Deaf Woman Receives The Most Precious Gift Possible From Her Mother-In-Law

Everyone is guilty of taking every day, common things for granted as we are just simply “used to” them. This includes abilities such as breathing normally, being able to see a loved one’s face, walking, and the list goes on. For example, in the United States, around 100,000 people are deaf. While there are varying levels of being hearing impaired, it always comes with its challenges.

On the bright side, many technological advancements have been made to help people who are hard of hearing. Hearing aids have been around for years, but today, we have devices that can give the gift of sound to even the most extreme cases of deafness. Videos have been filling the internet from all over the world sharing the moment someone hears their first words. These videos are overwhelmingly heartwarming to say the least.

One of these incredible videos belongs to the story of Sarah Churman, a married mother of two little girls. Sarah’s husband had heard about a new device, The Esteem, that could possibly cure her deafness. It is mind blowing to actually understand how these devices work.

While there are many different devices out there, this one in particular is what Churman used. explains that “Nerve-related (sensorineural) hearing loss is the most common type of hearing loss. It is caused when the tiny hair cells inside the cochlea are damaged or degraded, and don’t transmit sound impulses to the brain as effectively.”

They also explain how the device actually works, saying that it “works with your ear’s anatomy to let sound in the way nature intended. There are no microphones to distort conversations or amplify wind. And there is nothing in your ear canal to block sound’s natural path. Instead, the device’s three components work together with your ear to deliver Esteem’s natural hearing.”

Sarah’s story touched the hearts of people around the world for numerous reasons. With constant battles during her journey, she pushed through and finally found peace. The most interesting parts of her story lies beneath the surface as she was constantly presented with life changing curve-balls. When this family heard what her mother-in-law had done, it left the world shocked. No one could have imagined how her story turned out.

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