Flight Attendant’s Quick Thinking Saves 15 Year-Old

Human trafficking is a scary thing. All over the world, innocent boys and girls have been snatched from their homes in order to be exploited for money. It’s a horrible practice — and one which sadly continues today. The scary thing is that it can happen right under all of our noses. A casual trip to the supermarket — or even the movie theater — may involve walking past someone caught in a horrible situation.

Throughout the course of everyday life, one normally wakes up, goes to work, comes home, goes to sleep, and starts the cycle over again. Days can be rather uneventful — or even boring in some cases. For flight attendant Sheila Fedrick, her profession doesn’t change very much.

Fedrick takes part in the usual tasks on the plane. Everyone knows what a flight attendant does. She works with customers to ensure a safe flight, as well as providing refreshments and a positive attitude.

One day, she noticed something extemely strange on a flight from Seattle to San Francisco. Following her gut, Fedrick acted quickly and uncovered what turned out to be a horrifying discovery.

Image Source: NBC News