Garbage Men Receive A Heartbreaking Note From A Mother, Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

Unfortunately, most people in this world clock in, clock out, go home and hit the repeat button. Life is what you make of it and sometimes, the tiny moments are what truly make for a fulfilled life. No matter what job you have, it’s always important to find a way to enjoy it.

Blue collared jobs including manufacturing, mining, sanitation, custodial work, oil field work, construction, mechanic, maintenance, warehousing, firefighting and technical installation often go unappreciated; especially jobs such as garbage men. People tend to tip their hats to firemen, understandably, because what they do is heroic.

Unfortunately, most people wouldn’t expect other blue collared jobs to touch people’s lives the way some of the more heroic fields do. Many people don’t realize the heart they put into their jobs and their lives. In recent news, a couple of garbage collectors made headlines for what they have done. Leaving people absolutely shocked, they were overwhelmed by the reactions they received. described the garbage man career as, “It is a hallmark of modern times that instead of dumping our garbage wherever we see fit – and spreading disease – we have garbage collectors pick up the trash and take it away from towns and cities to more remote waste-management facilities. Garbage collectors fall into two categories: the driver of the garbage truck and the helper, or “ground man,” who picks up the garbage cans and recyclables. The job can be physically demanding for helpers, since they pick up many cans of garbage each day in rain, snow, sleet and the summer heat. Garbage collectors also have to keep records of their garbage pickups, use hand signals to communicate with the helper or driver and walk a great deal in neighborhoods where residences are close together.”

The Evenson’s made a conscious decision to confront their garbage men after a year-long occurrence with their young children. Although they were glad they did, they never could have expected the outcome of it all. This story showed a shocking truth behind two loyal garbage men. As it spread throughout the internet, it shocked the world.

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