Woman’s Search For Her Biological Family Ends When She Meets Her Next Door Neighbor

We have done a few stories in the past about absolutely insane DNA discoveries. These stories continue to shock us because of how rare and exciting they are. As these incredible discoveries occur, people start questioning their opinions on higher powers or the unknown power of the universe.

Many people spend their whole lives searching for their biological family. Whether it’s someone who was adopted as a child, a parent whose child was kidnapped as a baby, or a family realizing that they have miraculously met their adoptive child’s sibling – it is all extremely shocking.

Many DNA tests will surprise the person initiating it. Perhaps a person believes they are 100% Irish, only to discover a strong Italian background.

Many adopted children have wonderful childhoods, experiencing a much better life than they would have with their biological parents. However, some adopted children are brought into toxic, abusive homes, causing extreme anxiety for the biological parent. Giving up one’s own child is not easy and the topic is extremely controversial.

In this case, we have a woman that was adopted as a baby, searching for her biological family her whole life. Not only did she want to meet the man and woman that created her, but she wanted to find out if she had any siblings.

This woman, Hillary Harris, was lucky enough to have a great childhood with her adoptive parents. While she appreciated her parents, she wanted to find out who created her as our DNA has a lot to do with the overall person that we become.

Searching for one’s biological family is not easy. Many people have the same name, most information is private, and sometimes, parents who give away a child aren’t interested in establishing a relationship. This story shocked everyone around the world when Hillary Harris’ quest to find her family was resolved by an absolute miracle.

Image Source: law.com