Lost Young Girl Survives Colombian Jungle, Now Resides In England


At the age of four years old, a girl named Marina Chapman enjoyed playing in her family’s vegetable patch. For the little girl, she loved nothing more than romping around in the lush vegetation. The Colombian sun often cloaked Chapman in a sheath of warmth. Though it was a simple life, it was also a comforting one. During the 1950’s, kidnappings were very common amidst the era of La Violencia. This 10-year civil war from 1948-58 largely originated due to issues between rival political factions.

Over 200,000 people are said to have lost their lives during the incident — which pitted liberals versus conservatives. Much of the warfare originated in rural areas. These agrarian societies quarreled over agricultural properties. Throughout the country of Colombia, peasants were also harming one another due to political affiliation. As a result, many innocent people were caught in the crossfire. Individuals were routinely held hostage in ploys geared for financial gain. Notwithstanding, the abductions featured those of all ages — including children.

One afternoon, Chapman was innocently playing in her family’s vegetable garden. Without warning, a man came up from behind the four-year-old — smothering her mouth with a damp cloth. The chemical-based liquid forced Chapman into an altered state. As she fell in-and-out of consciousness, she found herself transported in the back of a truck. Cries from other terrified children in the vehicle filled the moist air. Though attempting to stay lucid, Chapman yet again lost the ability to garner awareness of the foreign surroundings.

A certain amount of time passed before Chapman regained her ability to process the current situation. She’s being dragged through a dense jungle on the shoulders of a man. Another individual is following closely behind. Chapman is then abruptly jettisoned off the man’s shoulders with considerable force. As the two men run off into the jungle, the young girl finds herself alone — encapsulated by an ever-darkening environment featuring large trees, limited visibility, and a symphonic arrangement of animal noises. While the situation appears to be incredibly bleak for the young girl, Chapman ultimately finds her saving grace in the form of an unlikely source.

Image Sources: The Daily Mail