Neighbors Become Suspicious When Couple Discovers Treasure In Back Yard

Robberies are extremely common around the world and affect a large number of people. Being robbed can be highly traumatic, especially when the robber has taken valuable or symbolic items. While losing money is never easy, there are many things that are more valuable to the person being robbed.

Unfortunately, a large number of robberies involve the victim losing items that cannot be replaced. This includes engagement rings, jewelry that belonged to a deceased family member, very rare gems, etc. It is hard to believe there are people heartless enough to steal items that their victims cherish most simply for the sake of money, but alas, it’s the world we live in.

In 2007, Staten Island had a problem with constant robberies in the area. With over 160 robberies total, Staten Island residents began referring to this robber as the “Ninja Robber” or the “Ninja Bandit.” They gave him these nicknames because he robbed people’s houses dressed as a ninja.

Matthew and Maria Colonna-Emanuel are a married couple that have lived in Staten Island for four years. When they found “treasure” in their back yard, their lives changed forever. No one could believe the crazy story that unfolded after they discovered $52,000 worth of valuables.

This couple’s story sounded very familiar to many people. When we are young, we dream of finding hidden treasures buried beneath the surface. We would imagine finding a big, wooden treasure chest that was glowing with gold and colorful gems. While most people never get to experience this, some people do end up lucky enough to find smaller treasures throughout life.

Matthew and Maria were a couple of the lucky ones that actually brought this childhood fantasy to life when they uncovered what Matthew claims to have been a “stunning” site. Although they were lucky to have found this treasure, it wasn’t exactly what they had expected.

Life is constantly throwing us surprises. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad, and sometimes they are a little bit of both at the same time. For Matthew and Maria Colonna-Emanuel, life threw them an extremely bittersweet surprise.

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