The 14 Must-See Sights Before You Turn 30

This piece will look at 14 must-see locations for anyone under 30 years of age. These places certainly can be visited once you start a family. With that said, there are also perks to visiting these places when flexibility is still in the cards (aka not bracketed down by a big commitment). All of these places feature benefits – whether from a cultural or an affordability standpoint.

Image Source: Jason Fray (Prague, Czech Republic)

1. Thailand

Thailand IS A MUST for anyone on a budget. One can live like a King with the inexpensive nature of this country. Plus…it’s beautiful – possessing a plethora of crystalline beaches and tropical hamlets all throughout the country. It’s very feasible to travel quite well within major cities for roughly $30 USD a day. In smaller, more remote villages, it’ll be even less. If given the opportunity to enjoy the iconic Full Moon Party, you may not want to ever come home.

Image Source: Travel Channel