Family Makes Their Adoption Dream Come True Thanks To Social Media

The act of having a child is something incredibly special. People dream all their lives of one day giving birth to a baby boy or girl. The pure elation from bringing someone into this world cannot be described with words. There’s a sense of pride when continuing the blood line of a family.

Unfortunately for some, the prospect of having a biological child simply cannot happen. There are a number of reasons for why this may be the case. Medical problems, socioeconomic issues, and other things make giving birth to a child simply out of the question. As a result, other measures have to be taken in order to ensure becoming a parent.

This includes adopting a child from an agency — whether here in the United States or from another country. The process for adoption can be both time consuming and highly expensive. Some people don’t have the time or patience to wait years with the possibility of adopting a child. A number of unexpected issues could arise throughout the process. This can largely happen when traveling abroad to secure the adoption of a child. Language barriers and long delays could complicate things greatly.

Jaimie and Brian Dorn endured these same issues. After being married, the two wanted a child of their own. There were many ways to go about doing this. However, the couple decided to explore one using modern technology. No longer did the Dorn family rely on outdated methods — such as taking out an ad in a newspaper or a magazine.

However, as the Dorn family demonstrated, a new method of adoption is starting to take the world of hopeful parents by storm. You’ll never believe that they did.

Image Source: Edmund J. Coppa/New York Post