Grateful Mother “Pays It Forward” To Waitress Who Saved Her Son’s Life

The act of “paying it forward” has become the main way for people to spread happiness and kindness to others in hopes that they will do the same. No matter the kind or size of the act someone decides to organize, the purpose remains the same; to make someone’s day even just the slightest bit better. The best part of paying it forward is that the person you choose then has the chance to help someone else, which makes the overall effect even larger. But what happens when you want to pay it forward to someone who has already helped you in one way or another?

Paying it forward does not have to be limited to helping a stranger, especially when there is a personal connection behind the initial act. Sometimes, when someone does something so caring and goes out of their way to make someone else’s day better, the only way to repay them is doing something just as nice for them. There are a lot of deserving people in the world, but no one is more deserving than those who help to save the lives of others.

Often when we think about those kinds of people, police officers, firefighters and other emergency personnel come to mind. These professions face danger in their line of work every day and still put themselves at risk to help others in need. But what about the average citizen? More often than not, acts of kindness committed by the average Joe are forgotten as soon as they happen. That is, unless someone is so profoundly affected by what was done that the good deed ends up being returned, which is exactly what happened in this story.

One mother is revealing her story about why she is working so hard to repay a waitress at a Waffle House in Tennessee, who she credits with saving the life of her son. When tragedy struck the restaurant, the actions of the waitress ended up sparing the young man, who may otherwise no longer be here today.

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