When This 23 Year-Old Heard His Cousin Was Struggling, He Went Above And Beyond To Help

There is a reason many people call their twenties the “selfish years.” It is a period of time in one’s life where one is allowed to focus on oneself. Of course, these years typically come with endless nights of partying, socializing and making questionable decisions. Why? Because, well, you can. This is the chapter of one’s life to live and learn without having to worry about anyone but oneself.

While many people have children and get married in their early twenties, the majority wait a bit longer. Fully aware of the responsibilities that come with being parents, the twenties serve as a time of freedom and youth for many people.

While being selfish is usually a negative thing, sometimes being selfish is just the opposite. Taking care of one’s needs is not something to be ashamed of, especially when it results in a happy, healthy future. This is why the title “selfish years” does not necessarily refer to a negative perspective as much as a positive one. We have our whole lives to take on responsibilities, so it is important to also enjoy the freedom.

That being said, many people don’t have the opportunity to partake in these “selfish years.” Sometimes, life brings us unexpected surprises and there is no way to turn back when it does.

One young man in particular is bringing tears to people around the world as his story surfaces. It is one thing to take on one’s own responsibilities, but taking on someone else’s in your early twenties brings the term selfless to a whole new level. Tommy Connolly never expected to end his “selfish years” so soon. But when fate called, he felt as though he had to answer.

Image Source: vorply.com